Monday, August 1, 2016

Midem outlines royalties’ best practice for publishers

Written by PRS for Music — A new report from Midem offers business advice for royalty processing and tips for keeping songwriters happy and in the loop.

The report, entitled A Royalties Survival Guide, highlights the latest in royalty reporting and offers advice on improving transparency and growing your business.

It also provides insight on the changing royalties’ landscape, and how music publishers, labels and distributors can hone their business practices to stay ahead of the curve.

A dedicated chapter on streaming outlines common confusions around territories, platforms and catalogue accuracy.

Elsewhere, the report explains ‘YouTube sales lines’ – non-monetised lines of data, where plays have occurred but no income is placed against them.

The report was commissioned by Midem and delivered by The Music Royalty Co, a new collective of industry experts, brought together to provide an outstanding backend service for record labels, distributors and music publishers.

Read the full report.

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