Monday, April 30, 2018

DAY 1 of Top 10 Albums that Shaped My Life

Angela Bofill – Angel of the Night (1979)

Her “Angel of the Night” album is the only musical connection to my dad. I’ve always heard that he was a very musical person but I never witnessed it. He passed away in 1984 and that album stays in my collection to this day. It even has his nickname written on it... Shorty. I just remember seeing that name and hearing that album and all of that igniting this intense connection to my father, as if he’s sitting next to me while we listen together. Needless to say, “Angel of the Night” brings out old emotions to the forefront of today.

Beyond the familial connection, the album itself is a masterpiece. Up until then, I hadn’t appreciated an artist’s ability to convey such emotions on a record. “I Try” was the first time I heard an artist sing as if she was crying. It isn’t an outward gesture. It’s internal. You can hear the pain and the tears. The album is an emotional journey for sure. Songs like “People Make the World ‘Go Round” soothes the soul and paints a detailed picture of politics converging with artistic expression. “Trash man didn’t get my trash today. Why? Because they want more pay…” puts you right in the center of a story. I couldn’t shake how much it all resonated with me. “Angel of the Night” is the title track from the album and this too stayed with me for years. Beyond the beauty of the song, ‘Angel’ offered a glimpse into singing both in English and Spanish. That moment would inform my work during the recording of my third “Freedom” album, years later. “She’s an angel / Angelita de la noche…” indeed!

Listen to the album by clicking on the link below: