Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Who Are 2016's Highest-Paid DJs?

Written by Billboard Staff — It's cool to be Michael Phelps and all, but Calvin Harris is one of the coolest defending champs around. He's been taking more gold home than any other DJ in the world for four years running.

He tops Forbes' list of highest-paid dance music icons with an impressive $63 million before taxes in the last year. He makes $400,000 per gig in Las Vegas alone, plus all his other appearances, songwriting credits, and whatever else he's got his hands in. Even though that's $3 million less than he made in 2015, it still puts him ahead of second place by a lot.

Tiesto pulls up in the silver slot with $38 million, boosted by more than 100 gigs and what is rumored to be an appropriately on-brand seven-figure deal with 7-Up. David Guetta is still relevant at number three with $28 million, credited in large part to his Euro 2016 soccer tournament theme song and residency at all things Wynn in Vegas.

Filling out the list are Zedd, Steve Aoki, Diplo, Skrillex, Kaskade and more. The top three are below, and you can find the full list on Forbes.

1. Calvin Harris ($63 million)

2. Tiesto ($38 million)

3. David Guetta ($28 million)

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