Monday, August 29, 2016

Questlove Partners with Pandora for 'Questlove Supreme' Radio Show

Written by Adrienne Black — 'Questlove Supreme' will premiere on September 7.

The past few years of music consumption have been a never-ending battle between music streaming services. As new services emerge, and others continuously try to re-invent their platforms, this battle has seemed to only get more intense with time. In the past year, Apple Music, TIDAL, and Spotify had ruled the streaming game, mainly due to various exclusive perks on each platform. Exclusive perks that may soon come to an end.

Though Pandora has seemingly been on the back burner as other services offered personalized radio stations and then some, the company is ready to branch out on an exciting new endeavor with Questlove at their side. Today it has been announced that Questlove is partnering with Pandora to premiere his new radio show Questlove Supreme.

Questlove Supreme will be a three hour, weekly music show—all curated and produced by himself—on a station by the same name. The show will mirror his New York University course, as it will be an extensive guide through global music selections and feature in-depth discussions as well as interviews. Questlove Supreme is set to premiere on September 7 at 1p.m. EST. The show will replay for 48 hours each week for those who miss the first airing.

The three hour show is just one part of Questlove's new relationship with Pandora, Questlove will also serve as Pandora's first Artist Ambassador and also act as a Strategic Advisor. "Questlove is one of the most talented and influential artists of our time," said Tim Westergren, founder and CEO of Pandora. "His near encyclopedic knowledge of the theory and history of music and his abiding passion for supporting artists of all kinds is a perfect match for our mission. We're thrilled to have his expertise and counsel, and to share his talents, insights and love of music with our over 78 million listeners."

About this new partnership, Questlove says he sees "a deep respect for the craft of music and a commitment to the musicians that make it their living" in Pandora's business strategy. "When Tim introduced me to the Music Genome Project, and explained its origin and how he and his team developed it, I was blown away. Pandora is a company born of a musician's experience, and I'm very excited to join them in their mission to create a healthy and vibrant industry for artists and fans alike."

Read Questlove's full statement about the new partnership below, and listen to his special mix here.

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