Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Legendary NYC nightclub Paradise Garage to be the subject of a new movie

Written by Claire Lobenfeld — The downtown NYC nightlife spot to be portrayed on the silver screen.

Paradise Garage will be the subject of an upcoming new movie that will highlight its contribution to New York City’s vibrant nightlife in the 70s and its bigger influence on dance music culture at large.

The film was written and directed by Jonathan Ullman whose previous work includes a mini-documentary about Paradise Garage’s iconic DJ Larry Levan and block party thrown in his memory, hosted by Red Bull Music Academy in 2014. The Last Panther actor Kobna Holdbrook-Smith has taken on the role of the legendary Levan, who passed away in 1992.

Former club DJs and staffers have been consulted for the film, including David DePino, who is credited for the film’s story, and Joey Llanos. No word yet on who plays the club’s sole proprietor Michael Brody, but the website hints the film will also focus on him.

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