Friday, April 8, 2016

Verboten Owner Arrested For Allegedly Writing $31,000 In Bad Checks

Written by Kellylouise Delaney — The owner of Williamsburg nightclub Verboten, which was seized by the Department of Taxation & Finance last week for failing to pay $360,378.05 in taxes, was arrested today for writing fraudulent checks.

The NYPD has confirmed that Jen Schiffer, who owns the club along with husband John Perez, was arrested in Greenpoint at around 12:53 p.m. and charged in connection with writing five fraudulent checks amounting to $31,000. Schiffer is currently in custody; a post on Facebook claims to show a photo of her in the midst of the arrest:

Verboten was seized on March 30th, but Schiffer and Perez filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy the following evening, and Verboten was able to reopen.

The club's investors had previously accused the couple of fraud and mismanagement, claiming they concealed revenue, rerouted deposits into their personal accounts, recorded fraudulent expenditures, and failed to pay state taxes, among other infractions.

Schiffer and Perez are also named in a lawsuit alleging she sexually harassed employees, withheld wages and tips from employees, and stole employee tips, among other claims.

The club has not responded to request for comment. We will update when more information becomes available.

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