Tuesday, April 12, 2016

RescuePoetix™ Management and Mixtape Sessions announce a collaborative change in existing relationship

Jersey City, NJ — RescuePoetix™ Management and Mixtape Sessions announce a collaborative change in their existing relationship. As a result, Adam Cruz is released from management by RescuePoetix™ Management. This will allow for the evolution of projects that are in the works and future collaborative efforts between Mixtape Sessions and RescuePoetix™ and the RescuePoetix™ Management team.

Adam Cruz joined RescuePoetix™ Management in November 2014 and has worked on a variety of projects, including Flora Cruz’ release of Untitled Love (Rhythm Inside), live performance at Soulful Cypher presents House on the Hudson (Jersey City), Community driven event in NYC and several Arts Education workshops throughout New Jersey that have utilized his skills and talents as an educator, performer, poet and mentor.

Adam’s experiences in the music industry have made him the “go to” source for his extensive knowledge in the behind the scenes work for Artists, Producers and Labels. As a producer and artist, Adam has an extensive discography that includes production, performance and writing credits. His radio show “Freedom Radio Hour”, now in its fourth season, is the premier source for music business information. His partnership with Josh Milan in Honeycomb Music celebrates six years of continued building and releasing of quality music across genres.

The evolution of the relationship between RPM and Adam Cruz will allow for cross collaborations and development of projects that include an album release, Arts Advocacy workshops and continued efforts in the Arts Scene in New Jersey and beyond.

RescuePoetix™ and the RescuePoetix™ Management team continue to support DJ Adam Cruz, Mixtape Sessions and look forward to partnerships and collaborations, building together and continuing to strengthen the bonds of established relationships.

About Adam Cruz

Adam Cruz is a DJ, artist, writer, record label executive, graphic designer and music business enthusiast. He has worked with disco music legend Mel Cheren, Grammy award winner "Little Louie" Vega, Kenny “Dope” Gonzalez, dance music giants Josh Milan and Kevin Hedge, Tony award winner Lillias White and many notable others.

As music business partners, Josh Milan and Adam Cruz have steadily built their popular record label Honeycomb Music since its 2010 launch and for his own Mixtape Sessions, Adam has released his fantastic new "Freedom" album! His new junior LP is available now at your favorite digital music retailer and at: mixtapesessions.com. When he's not hard at work promoting his new projects, Adam continues to build a solid base of loyal listeners, broadcasting his weekly "Mixtape Sessions Master Class" and "Freedom Radio Hour" programs in Africa on Capital Radio 91.6FM The Heartbeat of Sudan.

About RescuePoetix™

Besides being a businesswoman, RescuePoetix™ is a writer, poet, spoken word artist and recording artist. Her management experience developed along with her own career, working domestically and internationally since 2009. Her prior work includes artist development, networking and marketing and more recently, bookings for artists in New Jersey, New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Miami. With international ties that touch all corners of the world and across several artistic communities, her solid reputation with management and consulting creates opportunities for an international mainstream presence.

As a recording artist, RescuePoetix™ burst onto the music scene in the summer of 2011 with “Shadow Dancer,” her first spoken word release. Since then, additional works have been released on such notable house music labels as: D# Sharp Records, Cyberjamz Records, Liberate Recordings, Grooveboy Music, Movement Soul Recordings, Honeycomb Music, Open Bar Music, Arawakan, Seta Label, Cabana Recordings, HSR Records, Global Diplomacy, Purple Music, MoBlack Records, Bodikela Recordings, unquantize, Sunclock Music among others. To add to her many talents, RescuePoetix™ is a writer for several media sites and artists, contributing to music reviews, interviews, biographies, business development projects and record labels. She also markets, promotes and develops programming content for Cyberjamz Internet Radio (cyberjamz.com) working with CEO and founder, Sammy Rock, and VP of Operations, Catherine Rowell. Her most recent endeavors include producing radio shows #JASradio on Cyberjamz.com and Open up the Mic on The Ground Radio. RescuePoetix™ has joined forces with founders Wyse Rodriguez and Art Negro for the successful two year run of Soulful Cypher presents House on the Hudson (Jersey City NJ) and has successfully produced such events as the Summer in the City™ Rooftop Soiree (New York NY) series, Seasons in the City™ and continues to work with NY and NJ venues to produce events for artists such as Wordsmithing, J.c. Slam and IN:COMMAND Records.

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