Friday, October 31, 2014

Are you in the music business? What are your intentions?

On this episode of the Freedom Radio Hour, co-hosts Adam Cruz and Eddie Nicholas discuss establishing clear intentions & maintaining integrity in the music business. Adam and Eddie also discuss RIAA's lack of a platinum selling artist in 2014 and its connection to Taylor Swift's new LP as well as other music business news and trends, live on Capital Radio 91.6FM The Heartbeat of Sudan.

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The Freedom Radio Hour is a weekly DJ mix and talk radio program hosted by DJ Adam Cruz and Eddie Nicholas. The show features a fresh DJ mix and a 15-minute informative talk segment, covering music business news and trends from around the globe.

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As a DJ, Adam spins an energetic blend of Jazz, Funk, Latin, and soulful Dance music. As a virtuoso, Eddie brings a fantastic spin to the program, based on his experiences as a recording artist, performer and host. When they're not hard at work promoting their partners or their projects, Adam and Eddie continue to build a solid base of loyal listeners, broadcasting their weekly "Freedom Radio Hour" shows live on Capital Radio 91.6FM The Heartbeat of Sudan.