Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Shonda D. Nicholas Celebrates her Birthday & the Spirit of House with 'Get My Life'

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Mixtape Sessions is extremely proud to present "Get My Life," the exciting new single from Mixtape Sessions recording artist Shonda D. Nicholas! "Get My Life" is a track that combines soul, house, funk and house - a perfect storm for the dance floor! For her Mixtape Sessions debut, Shonda wrote a gut wrenching song about spiritual salvation and personal progress, in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. She both sings and preaches, putting out the clarion call for dance floor denizens around the world to celebrate the redemptive spirit of House. "Get My Life" liberates as much as it electrifies with pulsating rhythms and a killer horn section, courtesy of Mr. Dave Watson of Chops Horns. Enjoy this incredible jam!

(S. Nicholas, A. Cruz)
Lyrics written by Shonda D. Nicholas.
Music written and produced by Adam Cruz.
Lead vocals performed by Shonda D. Nicholas.
Background vocals performed by Shonda D. Nicholas and Adam Cruz.
Vocal arrangements by Adam Cruz.
Horns performed by Dave Watson.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Adam Cruz at EbbnFlow Studios in Bloomfield, NJ.
Published by Shonda D Nicholas (ASCAP) and Mixtape Sessions Music (ASCAP).
Executive Produced by Adam Cruz.

Dave Watson appears courtesy of Chops Horns at:
Cover photo used by permission, courtesy of Shonda D. Nicholas Photography.
Cover art design by Adam Cruz.

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Distributed by The Cruz Music Group, a Division of Mixtape Sessions Music, LLC.