Saturday, February 10, 2018

My thoughts on CDs being pulled from Best Buy's shelves

Written by Adam Cruz — I think the point of this season of the Freedom Radio Hour is to watch out for seemingly good business ideas and how these decisions have more of an implication than what it seems. For instance, pulling CDs from a store like Best Buy, where the products simply aren't sought after, makes fine business sense, but the implication is that music for these giant corporations is used as a means to an end.

Without music, they couldn’t "start up" but now music is being reduced to one format: streaming, for the most part. Now we have to ask ourselves what would happen to music if the "powers that be" decide one day that, eh...  music is being pulled from our services because it’s no longer profitable. Now where would be able to access/stream music at that point and in the long run? Corporations and record labels are merging or buying each other out. So what used to be many is now few, until there is only one giant left who holds all the power.

Click here to watch the full episode where Eddie and I discuss this issue.

Take Care Artists!