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Friday, September 12, 2014 - S01EP02 - How Beatport's Sales Chart Affects #HouseMusic #musicbusiness #news

On this episode of the Freedom Radio Hour, co-hosts Adam Cruz and Eddie Nicholas discuss Beatport's latest sales report by genres and its affects on niche market music. Adam and Eddie discuss other music business news and trends w/ special guest DJ Duce Martinez, live on Capital Radio 91.6FM The Heartbeat of Sudan.

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About the Freedom Radio Hour:

The Freedom Radio Hour is a weekly DJ mix and talk radio program hosted by DJ Adam Cruz and Eddie Nicholas. The show features a fresh DJ mix and a 15-minute informative talk segment, covering music business news and trends from around the globe.

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As a DJ, Adam spins an energetic blend of Jazz, Funk, Latin, and soulful Dance music. As a virtuoso, Eddie brings a fantastic spin to the program, based on his experiences as a recording artist, performer and host. When they're not hard at work promoting their partners or their projects, Adam and Eddie continue to build a solid base of loyal listeners, broadcasting their weekly "Freedom Radio Hour" shows live on Capital Radio 91.6FM The Heartbeat of Sudan.

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