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Friday, September 5, 2014

Cloudcast lets DJs play clubs without actually being there - helpful or hurtful?

Mixify has enabled DJs of all sorts to play live mixes for listeners at home, while also serving up video and real time chat.

Mixify has launched a new service called Clubcast, which allows DJs anywhere in the world to broadcast their live sets to multiple clubs at once. It’s a two-way live audio/video feature, so even DJs can see a live feed of their audiences, which enables them to respond and interact with the club crowds.

Mixify officially launched Clubcast just last week, but the company tested the concept with around 35 gigs during the last few months and discovered that there is a lot of demand for their service in regions of the world that are too distant for some U.S. and even European DJs to travel, such Asia and Australia.

While events like Ultra and Coachella have been streamed to video channels like Youtube, Clubcast is taking an alternate approach with on-site immersion. The video DJ experience seems like it would feel a bit detached for clubbers, but testing has confirmed that fans are quick to accept the idea.

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