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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Lady Gaga's ARTPOP Suffers Huge 2nd Week Chart Drop after Interscope Spends $25M: what do u think?

When Lady Gaga released her first teaser for the upcoming ARTPOP project, I was fascinated to see and hear Gaga mix her eccentric imagery with various messages, commanding and daring the world NOT to buy her music. I thought, 'this is either brilliant marketing at work or a disasterous idea.' I fear the latter might be true.

MTV and other outlets have reported that despite Interscope's hope to reach over a million copies sold by the 2nd week of ARTPOP's November 6th release date, it appears that only 300,000 little monsters have managed to pick up their mother monster's latest creation.

While a sales slump in music is hardly newsworthy, Gaga's low sales for her third album delivers a 1-2 punch to Interscope when you consider the $25 million they've spent to push the LP. Their intention was to combine technology, multi-media, art and music to help engage her pop audience, but as a result of the slump, rumor has it that Interscope is now preparing to lay-off staff in the New Year. Whether this is true or not, one has to wonder why major record labels like Interscope continue to treat the recording industry like a high stakes poker game in Atlantic City. If Interscope can afford to dish out $25 million in marketing dollars on one artist, why can't they spread the dollars around to several of their strongest releases? Did Interscope put all of their proverbial eggs in one basket?

And of course, we have to ask... why aren't more of Gaga's over 40 million Twitter followers applauding her work with their dollars? Ezra Dulis wrote a great piece, citing 5 reasons why he feels ARTPOP flopped. Check it out here and then sound off by leaving your commments.

For D.Music News, DJ/Producers Duce Martinez and Adam Cruz talk about this story and give their opinion (peep the video above.) Now, what do you think?