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Monday, October 21, 2013

Our own Supremely Magical Manchildblack Reigns with 'Love'

Click here to listen + buy Manchildblack's "Love Reigns Vol. 1" today!

Manchildblack is one super-talented *shut yo mouth* He's a Brooklyn based singer, songwriter, fashion provocateur and co-creator of the legendary Libation Party in New York City, one of the funkiest parties in town. Libation caters to true music lovers and fashionistas from nyc and around the world. Madonna and her dancers even stopped by one night, enjoying the magical ball that is Manchildblack, super hot dance troupe Afro Mosaic Soul, and its resident DJ Ian Friday.

Now unless you've been living under a rock, chances are that you've already heard of DJ and producer Ian Friday and his illustrious Global Soul Music sound. Ian has taken the world by storm with his eclectic mix of Caribbean, African, New York style dance, and soul music for years now. For Ian's own record label, Manchildblack and Ian Friday offer up the incredible "Love Reigns Vol. 1".

"Love Reigns Vol. 1" displays Manchildblack's singing and songwriting prowess and evokes the power and passion of love that will set any dance floor afire! This long awaited EP is comprised of three songs with remixes from some of the hottest producers around.

"Amazing" is a latin infused declaration of love created by Manchildblack and DJ Afro from Los Amigos Invisibles. The Libation mix is produced by Ian Friday and Chris Rob and is a jazz fusion scorcher that includes additional background vocals from Rick Galactik, Roz Davis and Paola Jean.

"She Speaks" is a soulful dance gem created by Manchildblack and Shelton Garner produced by Ian Friday with synth solos by Chris Rob and background vocals by Amma Whatt. The Sterling Blue remix by Albert Menendez delivers the sonic boom for that big club sound.

"Where Love Is" created by Manchildblack and Shelton Garner is produced by Ian Friday with a synth solo by Chris Rob, additional synths by Mert Ogilvie and background vocals by Maritri and Ian Friday is a house anthem that let's you know that love is found on the dancefloor. The BPM remix by DJ Beloved serves up high energy rhythms on top of a soulful groove.

Courtesy of Ian Friday's Global Soul Music label, let love reign today and pick up your copy of Manchildblack's new EP!

Want more? Check out Manchildblack's "Endlessly Beginning" from his new Hype Life Music label.