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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The US Copyright Office Demands That Broadcasters Start Paying Artists...

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Speaking to a crowd of people from the creative industries at the World Creators Summit in Washington, DC, the US Register of Copyrights, Maria Pallante, has confirmed that she's looking to "provide a full public performance right for sound recordings".

In other words, she's looking to give US artists the right to get paid when their music is played on terrestrial radio – as well as when it's played at restaurants, clubs, hairdressers and in shops, just like songwriters have for a very long time. It's not a new concept; the vast majority of developed countries do.

Pallante's announcement can be seen as the result of Pandora's misguided attempt to get Congress to intervene in its negotiations with the music community in order to lower the rates it had already agreed to. During the Senate hearing on the issue, the digital radio service declared that the fact that it had to pay over 50 percent of its revenue to record labels and publishers, while terrestrial broadcasters didn't have to pay labels at all, gave Pandora an unfair disadvantage.

What do you think? Should artists start receiving royalties from broadcasters?