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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fantastic new documentary about house music (preview here)

I couldn't be more proud of my friend, Muema, for taking up this incredible project. I've known Muema for over 10 years and have watched him become a curator and documentarian of house music culture. As a super talented photographer, Muema launched and then, both of which were/are incredible cultural resources for club culture in New York City and around the globe. This documentary isn't just another film about people dancing in clubs around the world. It's also a manifestitation of a long-time passion for curation and photography. Muema understands why we, in the community, are so drawn to it.

House Music Movie (working title) is a feature length independent documentary film about house music, dance and global pop culture. DJ’s, producers, remixers, dancers and fans discuss their careers and celebrity in this behind-the-scenes look at the house music industry. Along with footage of house music in action, the film also captures candid conversations about house (also called electronic dance music) with authors, artists, club owners and cultural experts.