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Monday, November 21, 2011

Emospiritual Travelin (tentative tracklist leaked)

What an exciting time! My sophomore album tentatively entitled "Emospiritual Travelin," is ready to be mixed and I couldn't feel more proud! Can't wait or you guys to hear it.

In honor of this forthcoming project, I thought I'd share the album's tracklist!

Stay tuned!


01. Emospiritual (1:16)
02. Travelin (5:07)
03. Don't Even Know (4:04)
04. Look Above (4:48)
05. Irlanda En Xhosa (5:33)
06. Bomb (5:15)
07. Runaway (4:01)
08. Shirley (4:24)
09. Note to Self (1:12)
10. Nothing But Me (Travelin Mix) (4:54)