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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Can you visualize your own success?

Creative visualization is a mental technique to achieve success. This technique requires the individual to focus their mind on a particular object or goal and think positively. These positive thoughts can be obtained by following some simple visualization exercises. Visualization exercises involve easy steps that can be followed by anyone, and requires only creativity and imagination. These exercises enable the brain to picture and experience desired results, thus strengthening self esteem and boosting the confidence to achieve one’s aims.

Most visualization exercises recommend the individual to sit calmly and focus on what their needs are. The ability to concentrate is a must, and experts suggest beginning with simple visualizations. For example, one could begin with visualizing a fruit. While creating the mental image of the fruit, one must imagine it with complete detail – the color, the shape, size, and the texture of the fruit. One could imagine holding up the fruit, smelling it, feeling it, even cutting and eating it. Once the brain begins to use all its senses to visualize, the individual can move onto more complicated exercises, for example, visualizing a person, or a larger object or perhaps even a scenic location - a desert, a lake or even a forest. Finally, the individuals should begin to visualize their desired objective imagining not only achieving those aims but also reaping the benefits of those achievements. Some experts suggest using voice recordings to guide the individual at the time of practicing visualization exercises. These exercises should be done everyday, to enhance their success.

The first exercise enables the individual to start the practice of visualization exercises. As the visualization exercises become more complicated and require greater levels of visualizations and mental imagery, the individual learns to calm their mind, concentrate and gain the confidence to create mental pictures of objects of their choice. Finally, once one begins to visualize achievement, the subconscious begins to reprogram itself, gearing the individual to success.