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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Adam Cruz joins music collective 'Ascensionist' and collaborates on concept album (FREE download link here)


Ascensionist is a New Jersey-based collective of 11 producers, MCs, and instrumentalists. Fusing rock, hip-hop and pop, Ascensionist paints vivid and unique musical landscapes on their debut recording "Beautiful Catastrophe." The record is a 15-track concept album that deals with the end of the world from multiple musical perspectives. The lead single "Jump!" is a party track for end times, while... "Final Breath" graphically details a brutal apocalypse. Artists Chase, Truth, Lova-Gurl, Ave, Brian Battersby, Ill Will, Daniel David, Nomad, Adam Cruz, Eder Vernet, and Pauls collaborate to tell the harrowing story of end times and post-apocalyptic survival through music.

As a member of this incredibly talented group, I admittedly had some doubts about working on a project like a concept album with so many individual ideas at work at the same time. Mentally, I prepared for some possible friction or problem. Neither ever came. I instantly admired and respected everyone for their own brand and style of work and personally, it was a bit of a "coming of age" moment for me professionally. Until this project, I really focused primarily on producing, writing and recording music. I usually worked with vocalists to deliver my own songs instead of me. I did it mostly because I don't think I'm a great singer. I can coach someone else to sing my songs the way I imagine them, but I never imagined putting myself front and center until this project came about.

If you check out my Life and Times Deluxe Edition album and listen to "Dancer In The Dark" or "Nothing But Me," you can begin to hear the impact that working in this collective had on me as an artist. - Adam (co-produced on tracks #3, #5, #6, #14)

DOWNLOAD "Beautiful Catastrophe" for FREE now at: