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Monday, August 1, 2011

Flora Cruz rocks the 6th Annual Lincoln Park Music Festival! / LIKE + WATCH

(photo credit: Billy Carter)

LIKE Flora Cruz on her OFFICIAL fan page to watch her LIVE performance from the 6th Annual Lincoln Park Music Festival @
+ check out her Deluxe Edition album @


From a young age, Flora Cruz knew that she was connected to music in a powerful way. Fortunately, it was her experiences singing and performing as a young girl that played a key role in developing her strong vocal prowess. Finally in 2007, Flora teamed up with her brother, DJ/producer Adam Cruz, and recorded a collection of songs that became her debut album entitled “Dulce Melodia” (which translates to ‘Sweet Melody’ in Spanish.) Released on label, Mixtape Sessions, “Dulce Melodia” LP is fun and energetic, but also poignant and meaningful. It’s a journey of hard lessons learned, the celebration of life and the rewards of perseverance.

Currently hard at work promoting her brand “Dulce Melodia” Deluxe Edition album and her new single, “Time for Reality,” Flora continues to write with her brother, Adam Cruz, and record music with an uplifting message that speaks to everyone around the world.