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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Adam Cruz - Dancer In The Dark coming Sept 6th / pre-release avail now!

From his brand new "Life and Times" Deluxe Edition LP, Adam Cruz premiere's "Dancer In The Dark," his first release as a singer. Cruz's endearing vocals give this killer jam its charm and sparkle. A song about a shy dancer mustering up the courage to jump into the ‘dancers circle,' "Dancer In The Dark" is lighthearted, fun and liberating. Cruz's brilliant beats and rhythms make "Dancer In The Dark" a massive dance floor smash! This tune is a dedication to all of the shy dancers out there who dance like nobody's watching when nobody's watching. This is for anyone who has ever gone out dancing, witnessed those fantastic dancers tearing it up in the ‘dancers circle,' and secretly wished to jump in and join in. "Dancer In The Dark" has already supported by Danny Krivit (718 Sessions, Body-n-Soul), Josh Milan (Honeycomb Music, Blaze), Paul Morrissey (Bozak) and Mickey Blanco (soulfulbeats UK). Dancer, make your mark! Let us see you on the dance floor. Let us see you wow the people. Let us see you shine like before.

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(A. Cruz)
Written and produced by Adam Cruz. All vocals performed by Adam Cruz.
Organ solo performed by Josh Milan. All other instruments performed by Adam Cruz.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Adam Cruz at EbbnFlow Studios, Bloomfield, NJ.
Published by Mixtape Sessions Music (ASCAP).
Josh Milan appears courtesy of Honeycomb Music.
©2011 Mixtape Sessions Music, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Distributed by The Cruz Music Group, a Division of Mixtape Sessions Music, LLC.