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Thursday, August 19, 2010


Mixtape Sessions. Music for the People.

The music retail downturn has always seemed indiscriminate in its slashings, despite the unique stamps offered by indie shops. The latest case-in-point comes from Fat Beats, which is now scratching its mainline New York and Los Angeles shops according to details shared on Wednesday.

The Manhattan digs, located on Sixth, close on September 4th, while the Los Angeles shop on Melrose shutters on the 18th. This is bad for hip-hoppers and bad for vinyl, though slimmer wallets and a shift towards Mac-powered DJing appear prime culprits. "The closing of Fat Beats is just like one of my friends passing away," DJ Premier relayed. "They promoted vinyl at its highest degree for the culture of good music and that makes it more difficult to say goodbye."

The flagship New York location opened in 1994, though all is not lost. "While our website, which stocks everything available in our retail stores, continues to do very well, we're still exploring our options for alternate retail locations in the future," said Fat Beats owner and president Joe Abajian. "For now, we'll see you online at"