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Thursday, December 10, 2009


Love this vintage footage right here! The New York City Breakers are a breaking crew from the Kingsbridge section of the Bronx, originally known as the Floor Masters who apperared in the independent film called Dreams in 1981, But had more members with other crews like Rock Steady Crew and Dynamic rockers, the "New York City Breakers" rivaled crews was Dynamic Rockers and Rock Steady Crew. Michael Holman, an up coming film maker who produced and directed the film “Catch a Beat” 1981, was promoting Hip-Hop parties at a night club called "Negril" in the Manhattan, was getting board of watching the same breaking crew dance, he wanted to host a Breaking Battle. In 1982 The Floormaster Crew accepted an invitation to battle the Rock Steady Crew. Micheal Holman saw the Floormaster crew combined footwork, style and power, something very few crew if any did, the Floormasters athleticism, style and power was so impressive Michael Holman signed on to be their manager. Holman then took the some of the Breakers from the Floormaster crew (Action, Kid Nice & Glide Master and Powerful Pexster) then recruited legendary B-Boy Lil Lep from the 7 Deadly Sins, and with the help of writer "Phase II" renamed the group the "New York City Breakers".

Unfortunately the other b-boys from the Floormaster crew were not asked to be apart of the "New York City Breakers". The original five members were: Action, Kid Nice, Glide Master, Powerful Pexster and Lil Lep. Holman then added Flip Rock, Mr. Wave, Icey Ice and Lil Alex. The movie Sixteen Candles were they cut the dance scene but you can see them in the class rooms. with adidas suits Beat Street featured (NYCB) battling the Rock Steady Crew and this scene has become legendary for all up-coming Breakers the battle scene inspired so many breakers and made them crazy about the art of Rockin/Breakin.also featured in Body Rock The "New York City Breakers" also appeared on the first ever hip-hop TV show called "Graffiti Rock" created by Michael Holman. They also appeared on "Soul Train", The 1/2 Hour Comedy Hour, Ripley's "Believe It or Not", P.M. Magazine, CBS Evening News, Good Morning America, That's Incredible, The Merv Griffin Show, The Bob Hope Show, and they became the first ever Hip-Hop Dance group to performed in Washington D.C for the President of the United States Ronald Reagan. It was nationally broadcasted and is considered the first day America and the world accepted Hip-Hop as a culture. After GLIDE MASTER passed away, the "New York City Breakers" quit performing.

They came back in the 90's performing at So What Happens Now the off Broadway show about Buck 4 from the Rock Steady crew. In 1994 they united with Action, Kid Nice, B-Boy London, Fastbreak, Kid Freeze and Powerful Pex for the Hot 97's "Old School Throwdown Jam III" and then again on Squirt TV on MTV in 1996. In 1999 B-Boy London reunited the original members of the "New York City Breakers" with the newer members at the "Back to Mecca" Hip-Hop conference. The "Back to Mecca" Hip-Hop conference was designed to bring back and honor the true pioneers of Hip-Hop. Those that attend and participated at the B2M Hip-Hop conference were the creator of Locking Don "Campbellock" Campbell, B-Boys crews: The "New York City Breakers", Rock Steady Crew, Dynamic Rockers, Dynasty Rockers, Incredible Breakers, and Floor Lorz. B-Boys Frosty Freeze, Mr. Freeze, Fastbreak, Trac II, B-Boy Storm, Headspin Janet, Asia1, Poppers: Mr. Wiggles, Pop Master Fabel, Boogaloo Sam, Popping Pete, writers: Phase II, Flint707, Coco144, Bom5, MC's Kurtis Blow, Grandmaster Caz, Special K, Crash Crew, Lil Rodney C, DJ's: Grand Master Flash, Grand Wizard Theodore, etc... The "New York City Breakers" with Action, Kid Nice, Powerful Pexster, Lil Lep, Flip Rock, B-Boy London and Speedy Dee the generation of New York City Breakers from the early 80's when on to perform world wide and up until 2001. The NYCB's can be seen in the Documentary film "The Freshest Kids", a documentary with fact's still being worked out. B-Boy London went on to host Pseudo's live internet program called "88 Hip-Hop", then hosted the daily one-hour live hip-hop show from Metro Channels called "Studio Y" with Monie Love. He now works with MSG and with the not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization "AAA All-Stars", Action and Kid Nice are professional body builders. Icey Ice is working on breaking classes and lectures, Fastbreak educates the youth on breaking through workshops and lectures, Powerful Pex teaches the original B-Boys/powermoves/Rocking style though workshops and Mr. Wave still dances, Lil Lep still dances, Lil Alex still dances and Flip Rock performs for schools through out the Metro area. Speedy D teaches breaking though workshops and lectures.