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Monday, December 14, 2009


Mixtape Sessions. Music for the People.
New Jersey based House music producer DENNIS FERRER has just been nominated for a Grammy for his "Dennis Ferrer Objektivity Mix" of Dido's "Don't Believe In Love" (Arista). Talking en route to a gig Ferrer said "I feel honored and lucky at the same time. Very few of us in our genre get the nod of acknowledgement when it comes to being judged in the mainstream." Adding he found out about the nomination this AM when "Carl Craig sent me a text and said "congratulations on your Grammy nomination". I texted him back saying "oh, you've got jokes now". I thought he was talking about my new record. Then he called me saying he was serious and my jaw dropped."

Asked about how he approached the Dido remix Ferrer revealed his usual determined state saying he approached it "like every other one of my records. I made it my own. I've never waivered from what I do."

This rounds out a very strong year for Dennis Ferrer a producer / DJ / label boss whose on a mission to increase the quality AND keep the spirit of house music alive. Ferrer started the year as the winner of Beatport's Best Deep House Artist of 2009, and then tore up summertime dance floors with his big piano chord laden hit single "Sinfonia Della Notte" for Strictly Rhythm.

Dennis' year is now ending the year with another hit single, this time it's the vocal driven anthem "Hey Hey" released on his own much respected OBJEKTIVITY imprint.

"Hey Hey" immediately caught on with DJs and with Mixmag UK who gave it a Top Tune review and big UK radio DJ Pete Tong helped the noise too saying the record ‘gives me goose bumps, it's quality from start to finish; it's a return to the finest virtues of house music, this is brilliant.' The single is also notable for having received one of the most rapid reactions in recent dance music history – shooting immediately to #1 on Beatport where it's still holding three weeks in something no other house track has achieved recently.

Perhaps part of the appeal here is "Hey Hey" is vocal driven and so it's appropriate that Dennis is now nominated for a Grammy for another vocal driven tune. But vocals aren't all that's appealing with "Hey Hey" it's been drawing attraction for the superb production standards – something Dennis made even clearer when he decided to reveal part of the technical process behind the tune on his myspace blog (and single press release) – Resident Advisor's reviewer commented – "even a novice like me can often hear how ridiculously sharp his productions are."

Dennis recently described the genesis of his new single to Chicago's Five Magazine saying "I was thinking about when you used to hang out with your friends back in the day and some guy would call on some girl, and most of the time she wouldn't give him the time of day. But on occasion you get that one shot where somebody would pay you some mind Then a couple of years later you go, "Damn I hate this bitch!" or "Screw this fucking guy!" [laughs] That's where the record comes from. We've all been at a certain point where you sit there and regret what you've done. "And I heard you say, I knew I should have walked away. . ."

We couldn't be happier for Dennis. Congratulations and best of luck to you!

Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical

Don't Believe In Love (Dennis Ferrer Objektivity Mix)
Dennis Ferrer, remixer (Dido)

The Girl And The Robot (Jean Elan Remix)
Jean Elan, remixer (Röyksopp)

I Want You (Dave Aude Remix)
Dave Aude, remixer (Dean Coleman Featuring DCLA)
Track from: I Want You
[Yoshitoshi Recordings]

No You Girls (Trentemøller Remix)
Anders Trentemøller, remixer (Franz Ferdinand)
Track from: Blood: Franz Ferdinand

When Love Takes Over (Electro Extended Remix)
David Guetta, remixer (David Guetta Featuring Kelly Rowland)

Check out the remix he's been nominated for!
Dido "Don't Believe in Love" (Dennis Ferrer Objektivity Mix)