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Thursday, July 9, 2009


Adam Cruz was a 10 year-old boy when he was first introduced to the world of spinning records.

Twenty-two years ago Cruz was asked by an older cousin to help him DJ a block party in the Bronx. That’s where he got his first taste of what would change his life forever.

At the party, the cousin let Cruz try his equipment. A born natural, he was able to blend music from the two turntables (the trademark of all DJs) with ease. The party ended, but not for Cruz. Soon afterward, the cousin grew tired of deejaying and gave all his equipment to Cruz.

He has never given up on it.

"I was hooked," said the now 32 year-old Cruz, a Bloomfield resident since 2003. Underscoring his level of involvement, he now goes by the name DJ Adam Cruz.

Now a professional DJ having traveled around the world with his own record label, Cruz will be spinning his records Thursday, July 9 at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center’s (NJPAC’s) free annual "Sounds of the City" series. Continuing every Thursday throughout the summer from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. at NJPAC’s Theatre Square, the event melds performers, entertainers and concert-goers from around the region.

performers, entertainers and concert-goers from around the region.
"I love it because they have different bands come through," Cruz said. "I really like the diversity and the eclectic tastes of the artists that come through. I’m glad to be part of it."

Tonight, Cruz says he is going to mix it up with different Latin and African beats to get the crowd moving. While many inexperienced DJs can only play one to two hours at a clip, the experienced Cruz can play for an astounding seven to eight hours.