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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I wonder how the Black Eyed Peas can claim to be so 3008 when they're so 2000 and late! JJ Fad "Supersonic" anyone?

Group formed in: 1988 (disbanded in 1992) / Members: M.C.J.B. (Juana Burns) Baby-D (Dania Birks) Sassy C (Michelle Franklin)
A reminder of how fleeting hip-hop glory can be, female L.A. rappers M.C.J.B. , Baby-D and Sassy C formed Just Jammin' Fresh and Def (J.J. Fad) in 1988. They were part of Hurby "Love Bug" Azor's empire alongside Salt 'N Pepa. The female equivalent of Kriss Koss, the trio featured a youthful, heavily pop-oriented brand of rap that was non-threatening. "Supersonic", produced by The Arabian Prince, was a Top 30 pop and R&B hit, and the album went gold, peaking at 49. Soon after it dropped off the charts, they were a memory.