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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


MySpace Music endured a chorus of complaints from independent labels and artists, most of whom were unhappy with deals favoring major labels. That debate is ongoing, and valid arguments exist on both sides. But outside of its music launch, MySpace is now delivering an advertising system that delivers micro-targeting to smaller business, MySpace MyAdsindividuals, and budding bands.

Just like Google AdWords, MySpace MyAds allows advertisers to select specific demographics, and monitor analytics on campaigns. Some of those demographic details are expressly entered by users, though MySpace also categorizes profiles based on photos, backgrounds, and other elements. In a terrain that demands niche-focused marketing, that level of targeting could mean business for smaller entities, including bands. "We're giving businesses better ROI ASAP and in today's economy, that's a must-have," said Jeff Berman, MySpace president of sales and marketing.

MySpace MyAds, currently in beta, can be found at: