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Thursday, October 16, 2008


During a recent interview with, famed house music producer, Louie Vega, was asked about his forthcoming projects including the follow-up to the acclaimed "Elements of Life" album and his work with artists, Mr. V, Sara Devine, and Lisa Fisher. Here's what he said:

"I’ve just produced a full length album for Anané entitled ‘Ananésworld’, coming on Tommy Boy Records, and her first single ‘Shake It’ has been making lots of noise worldwide.

‘Bem Ma Mi’, Anané’s next single, was just released last week.

I’m working on the next Elements Of Life full length, entitled ‘One Dream’, and we are about the release the first single ‘Into My Life (You Brought The Sunshine)’ by Louie Vega & The Elements Of Life featuring Lisa Fischer & Cindy Mizelle, on Vega Records.

I have signed new artist Boddhi Satva with two singles coming; the first one was just released, titled ‘Punch Koko’.

Another new hot artist to look out for is Agev Munsen, who’s had some success with his first single Munsen’s Groove.

His new ‘Alien Conversations EP’ will be released this fall on Vega Records, and we are releasing two singles a month with a bundle (a group of songs creating an album package) a month as well.

I’m remixing still, once in a while when interesting artists come about: A remix of Erykah Badu’s ‘Telephone’ is on the way.

Next Anane single I’m working on, a Mr. V single, and Sara Devine album (she was the lead singer on Hardrive project.)"

Take a listen here to "Into My Life (You Brought The Sunshine)"!
It was played during one of Joe Claussell's live DJ sets