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Sunday, October 12, 2008


Short Description:
Mixtape Sessions Music is proud to bring the latest offering from Manchildblack. Here, he releases his brand new and much anticipated “My Mind’s I” EP which will be the pre-cursor to his long awaited first full length album. "For me, this EP is a collection of songs that tell the story of my life up till now. It’s a reflection of everything I’ve learned, seen, heard and felt." "OuttaSight," the EP’s thumping opening track is a ‘funkdafied’ introduction to the Manchildblack sound. The mid-tempo groove "Heavy" showcases Manchild’s rich and resonant baritone and centers around his observations about the issue of racism still plaguing our society. "There’s an energy of change happening in the world right now," he says. "Events are occurring to make us examine ourselves and if we don’t take this opportunity to handle our dirty laundry from the past, we’re going to be forever stuck there."

The aggressive Hip-Hop/Rock anthem "Ascension" is a wake up call to the masses to rise up and claim their life. "I wrote that song for my own selfish reasons," he laughs, " I needed something that was going to motivate me to keep moving forward with my dreams and not let anyone or anything deter me, so that’s a song I keep in my head on a daily basis." The uplifting "Wordz" with its catchy hook, bright horns and funky vocoder is a track that professes both spiritual and romantic love. "In essence all of my songs are about some form of love or another, whether it is spiritual, romantic or self love", he confesses.
Manchildblack is this generation’s true Renaissance man. His music and mission are both clear and powerful and is now resonating with audiences around the world. "This is about more than me, it’s about a movement and I plan to be one of the leaders in the forefront of the change that’s coming".

"In a world of so few great male vocals, Manchildblack is already bangin' and a talent to keep your eye on!"
- Danny Krivit, 718 Sessions / Body-n-Soul NYC

"I recently became aware of Manchildblack through his two releases "Spirit Rise" & "Rain" both of which blew me away the very first time I heard them. The amazing "Spirit Rise" will almost certainly be in my top 20 releases for 2006." - Paul Phillips (Solar Radio) /

“’Rain’ is undoubtedly my favorite song of the summer, fall, and it will continue on through the winter! I can't get enough of it. I sing it in my head when I’m on the train. I play it in my crib when I need inspiration, and I’ve played it out every single time I’ve spun.” - Bobbito Garcia (DJ/Producer)

"As he searches for his own promised land, Manchildblack might be on the road to delivering us all."
- Jason King, Freelance writer for Vibe Magazine & Village Voice/Artistic Director of The Clive Davis Department of Recorded Music at Tisch School of the Arts, NYU.